Friday, June 19, 2009

Fallout 3: Point Lookout Developer Blog

Bethesda Softworks has released six new screenshots for the upcoming Fallout 3 downloadable content Point Lookout.

Alongside the screenshots a new developer diary by the lead designer and lead artist of the DLC has been posted, detailing the design process behind Point Lookout.

Of particular interest are the goals for the new DLC, "one of our primary goals was not to create just a quest, but a whole new region for players to explore. Straight away we knew that we wanted to focus on what we felt was one of the great strengths of Fallout 3 –a world too full of stories and surprises, ripe for exploration and adventure."

The designers also discuss the new visual aesthetic, "The Capital Wasteland has its own unique visual style: very dry and heavily damaged by nuclear blasts. Point Lookout is more rural, and it was not hit directly by the blasts."

"While everything is dead and dry in the Wasteland, we wanted Point Lookout to be a region where plant life has managed to survive and proliferate in wet conditions."

"Most of the buildings in the Capital Wasteland are bombed out and destroyed, or built out of scrap metal. The structures in Point Lookout existed before the war and many of them are still standing, though severely deteriorated. Over the years, nature has taken the land back, slowly erasing man’s influence on this place. Instead of blowing out huge chunks of the buildings in Point Lookout, they are crumbling apart, vines growing over untended walls."

The designers conclude with a discussion on the characters in Point Lookout, "Tobar is the Steamboat ferryman, and this grafter is one of the first characters the player will meet."

"Point Lookout is also home to a group of transcendental Tribals, who received new garments to help reinforce their beliefs and set them apart from citizens of the Capital Wasteland. Perhaps most involved was our new enemy type; the Swampfolk. These denizens of the marsh are descended from the reclusive natives of the swamp, inspired by Bayou legends and other modern myths."

Point Lookout will be available for download through Games for Windows LIVE on June 23.

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