Monday, June 29, 2009

Starcraft 2 Lead Designer Interview

Shacknews has recently posted an interview with Starcraft II lead designer Dustin Browder, along with new screenshots.

In the interview a number of topics are discussed, including the development of Browder states, "We're hoping to have support for casual leagues, support for professional leagues, hardcore leagues. Hoping to do a lot more with friends, more with replay sharing."

"There's just a lot more work to do. I could probably show you a full flow of today, but I guarantee tomorrow it would be a little different."

Browder also discusses the decision to include one single-player campaign per release. "You know, previously you were going to get a game and two expansions. Now you're going to get a game and you're going to get two expansions. The only difference is that instead of having three campaigns in the game and in each of the expansions, there will be one campaign in each of these expansions, and that's the only difference."

"So I don't think there was any intention to milk anybody of any additional money. This was always going to happen, it's just where the content is placed is now different."

In terms of the Terran campaign, Browder provides a number of interesting details. "It's really different than anything you've seen before in our titles. This is sort of a level of choice and options for the player."

"[N]ow if you get stuck, you can go, 'I'm going to come back to this one. I'm going to go myself something powerful and come back here and make this one suffer.'... The kinds of things you're going to be doing in missions, I think is pretty cool stuff that maybe players aren't quite prepared for."

"We've got a mission right now where every five minutes, lava rises and kills everything on the ground. Everything dies. You've got to get to the high ground or die. We've got a mission right now where infested Terrans are attacking at night, but they're hiding in the ground by day, so you need to just hold out all night long like you're in I Am Legend."

"It's like a 15-45 minute minigame. Depending on how fun the mission is it'll be longer or shorter. But each one is its own little game for you to play."

Details on the upcoming publicly playable demo, and a StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty release date are forthcoming.

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